Our Mission Action Plan

Our vision is:

  • to be a growing vibrant Christian community, sharing our faith
    in Pin Green.

Our Priorities are:

  • to be Christians working in the community including contacts with schools and sheltered housing schemes
  • to refresh our worship
  • to work with the community centre

Our Goals are:

  • to talk to the community centre with intention of working together together again and interaction of facilities and people
  • to continue to build on and develop the contacts with local schools
  • to evaluate worship patterns, to make church more accessible to more people
  • to begin to think of how to use the church building more creatively
  • to develop a pattern of pastoral care – for church members, for community members and for people in the wider community such as sheltered housing residents.

Our beliefs

Christians believe in an eternal God who loves us and created everything. He is the Father who cares for His children and His creation.

We believe that God became human in Jesus Christ, to show human kind how to love and serve God and each other. He was executed on the cross and through His death he saves us from our wrong doing and brings us forgiveness.

We believe that in the Holy Spirit we have a guide and supporter, the presence of God working within us.


A Christian Creed

We believe in God the eternal Father; heaven and earth are full of His glory.

We believe in Jesus Christ, His true and only Son; He became man to set us free.

We believe in one God: Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

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